Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of this site?

A: This is a site that I have always wanted to build. It is a a place for me to call my own on the Internet. I would like to have a deeper engagement with people who wants to connect with me on the topic of network automation (or any other topics, really).

Q. What does this site offer?

A: Well, not much at this time. But I intend to start posting more blog contents, free membership materials, as well as some paid contents if you'd find values in them.

Q. Why not a Facebook page, Twitter account, other blogging platforms, etc.?

A: I have all of that and you can find the links for them at the bottom of this page if that is how you prefer to communicate. But those sites can only go as far as the original company allows and I find myself bumping against the ceiling on a lot of them. You are reading the result of my frustration.

Q. What is the best way to stay connected?

A: You can find links on the top to sign up any time for newsletter. I hate spam as much as the next guy so I promise I will only send out emails when I have something to say, plus you can opt out any time.

Q. What is the difference between "sign up / membership" and "newsletter"? Why are there two links?

A: I deeply respect your privacy, just because you sign up for the free membership I do not assume you'd like to receive future emails from me. In short, sign up allows me to have a deeper conversation with you with access to resources for logged in users while newsletter means you agree to receive future emails from me.

Q. If membership is free, why not just share it in the open?

A: I'd like to know who I am speaking to, if possible. On my previous blog platform, unfortunately most of the comments are from Bots and spams.

Q. Do you sell my email address?

A: I would never do that, period, full stop.

Q. What does membership offer?

A: It allows me to present the information in the format that I feel is the best conduit to transfer the information. It could be a IPython notebook file, a video, or code files.

Q. C'mon, not another new site!

A: I hear you, you can find my Twitter link at the bottom.

Q. What technology powers this site?

A: Do you really have to ask? C# and ASP .NET... NOT! Python, of course. In building this site I have learned so much new stuff about Python and different web frameworks, there should be more blog posts and eBooks coming.

[More Q&A to be added as time goes on]